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Port Dover boat upholstery

What makes KTL's Upholstery Service Different

You are dealing directly with the persons who will be customizing your boat upholstery, car upholstery or commercial/industrial upholstery.  Because of this there is simply a higher level of quality than you can find with shops that employ a vast number of people.  Our 1 on 1 dedication means you get the best quality and that means a great deal to our customers. 


We use the latest and best products but what most don't offer is exceptional service.  We also don't book more than we can produce, which means we deliver on time.  You aren't stuck waiting on a boat to be completed while spring, summer and fall slips away.

If you need timely, quick service on repairs to canvas, contact us in advance, send a picture and description and we can tell you when or if it can be slotted in. 


Most boat seat upholstery isn't of emergency need, so we highly recommend booking interior projects for fall and winter months.

boat upholstery customers
Boat cover repair

You won't find us cutting corners (unless they are suppose to be rounded off). 


This means we use only stainless steel domes and snaps on our boat covers.  When others might try to save $20 a boat by using brass , we believe you deserve the best.  Same goes for fabric and other items.  It saves us time to offer the best and you get the quality that you deserve.

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